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Xi’an Typical Industries Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Typical Industry), which was built in 1999 and listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2000. During the historical course of specialization and innovation, the company has always been leading the fast development of the Chinese sewing equipment industry and seeking mutual prosperity with the global clothing culture. At the present stage, the company’s great mission is “Offering advanced complete equipment and process service scheme for clothing and relative industries.”

With a long history in sewing equipment field, Typical Industry has been concentrating on research, development and production of industrial sewing machine in the past more than 60 years. As a sewing equipment brand with an extensive influence, Typical services China, Asia, Europe, The Americas, Africa for a long time. With the strongest comprehensive strength in the Chinese sewing equipment producing base, the company has formed three major production bases: Xian, Lin Tong and Wan Ping with the annual production capacity up to 800,000 sets in the process of layout adjustment and resource integration. By technical accumulation throughout more than 60 years, the company has formed a gigantic product family -- including over 300 types such as single-needle high-speed lockstitch sewing machine, double-needle high-speed lockstitch sewing machine, flat-lock high-speed sewing machine, high-speed overstitching machine, special sewing machine, automatic sewing unit so as to fully satisfy multilevel requirements of knitting, clothing, suitcases and boxes manufacturing. “Typical” industrial sewing machine is “China’s Famous Brand” and “China’s Renowned Label” crucially supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China for exportation. It has been awarded over a hundred higher than provincial, departmental prizes the top award in sewing machine field, National Silver Prize successively. Besides, the company has passed ISO9001 Quality Management & Warranty System Certification, EU CE Safety System Certification, ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification, etc.

Typical Industry always puts itself into a status of incessant innovation based on the global technology and talent platform. Since the 1980s, the company has been in multilevel operation with various enterprises of Japan, German and Italy. Located at Kaiserslautern of German since 2009, European Branch of Xi’an Typical Industries Co., Ltd. has been high-end technological R & D center, differentiated product manufacturing center, marketing center and customer service center. oriented to European and African market. Above that, it brings high-end and strict new elements into the company and brings new values for customers.

“Customers First” is the operation philosophy observed by our company all the time and our source to make success continuously. In the concept of the company, customers are not only the cloth processing and relative enterprises directly serviced by us, but also include components suppliers and stable products agents.

“Professionalism, Innovation, Honesty, Cooperation” are the core values of Typical Industry.

“Professionalism” concept highly corresponds to the mission “Offering Advanced Complete Equipment and Technology Service Scheme for Cloth and Relative Industries” of the company. In the past more than 60 years, the company focuses on research, development and production of industrial sewing machine. since the 1980s, the company has been extensively developing with overseas enterprises in this field;moreover, it has committed itself to organic integration of independent technology and international advanced technology continuously, so as to integrate various technical routes, lead the technical advancement trend in this industry. As a result, this has been a major feature of TYPICAL brand differentiation. So, professionalism could express the company’s confidence and ability in this industry exactly.

“Cooperation” concept is put forward based on the unique culture attributes of the company. During the past more than 60 years, integration of the West and East Chinese culture as well as the Occidental and the Chinese culture has been its core competency hard to follow suit. The company adheres to the operation philosophy of “Customer First”., closely connect the terminal customer and closely attend to demand. The prerequisite for development agreed by all employees in the company is to discover value, create value and offer value for customers and grow with extensive customers together.

In today of globalization, Typical Industry grows with extensive customers together. As a professional sewing equipment manufacturer, we strive to become the leading force in value chain of global clothing and relevant industries by our utmost efforts. In today of mingling general needs with individual needs, we will incessantly meet customer needs and transfer the new value through technical innovation, brand differentiation and rapid response. “Globalized, Creative and Harmonious TYPICAL” is the prospect of Typical Industry.

TYPICAL INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION was founded as a subsidiary of the Xi’an Typical Industries Co. Ltd. in 2003, which is responsible for the export business of Typical Industry. The business covers several continents in the world, which is undertaken by Asia-Pacific, Europe-Africa, American and Middle-East four departments